Yoga Direct Pole Dance Crash Mat Review

The Yoga Direct Pole Dance Crash Mat offers a safe assistance for executing complex dance pole tricks and moves.

What Is It?

Yoga Direct Pole Dance Crash Mat pole dancing accessory is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate pole dancers who are yet to learn the intricate art of pole dancing. Now you can spin, invert, climb and twist without fear because a soft crash mat will break your fall when you lose your grip.

This is certainly a good cushion and it can handle any weight on top of it.

This easy to install pole dance crash mat can be easily wrapped around any type of dance poles in seconds. This is made of industrial grade ultra flexible hard wearing water resistant PVC non – toxic foam and has an overall measurement of 5” thick x 60” diameter. This is secured by a safe Velcro fastener.

Crash mats are usually expensive but the Yoga Direct Pole Dance Crash Mat offers an affordable but durable cushion mat alternative to those who do not want to break the bank.

The wide diameter reach ensures that users will have something below to catch them should they lose their grip on the pole. The five inches thickness is definitely an assurance underneath even when you fall from the top of the pole.

What Is Its features?

  • Saves you from nasty landings
  • Measures 60-Inch in diameter
  • 5-Inch thick
  • Non-toxic foam with hard wearing PVC
  • Water resistant
  • Safe velcro fastening

What We Like

For those looking for a crash mat that is at least five feet in diameter, Yoga Direct Pole Dance Crash Mat is definitely a good option. It comes in a feminine shade of pink adding appeal on your dance pole.

One of the major benefits of Yoga Direct Pole crash mat is that it is the widest and thickest in the market with the best quality of non toxic water resistant foam.

With an added safety below, you will not be afraid to fall or lose your grip when performing some inversions. The five inch thick foam is capable of handling your weight and because this is water resistant, you have no need to worry about the foam being soaked with your sweat

This is also very easy to fold and store when you are not planning to use during your home performance. You can easily roll up the foam and put it in your cabinet.

What We Don’t Like

Some users complain about the limited stretch capacity of its flaps in covering the Velcro. It may take several uses before you can fully stretch the flaps.

Although the pink shade is really erotic in appearance, it easily accumulates dirt especially when used on daily basis. You may need to regularly clean the top mat so it will not look grimy and soiled.

In addition, some users also complain about the easy wear and tear of the Velcro fastener. After several uses, the Velcro starts to lose grip making it hard for the flaps to secure.

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For an affordable price, the Yoga Direct Pole Dance Crash Mat offers safe crash mat for beginners and advanced pole dancers. It has a thick enough non toxic foam so it can handle your fall and wide enough to catch your full body.

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