X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole Review

Not all dancing poles are created equal and if you are looking for high performance and extremely durable pole, the X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole is your best option in the market.

What Is It?

X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance comes with new and highly improved features and this is one of the first static, spinning and bottom loading dancing pole models.

The X-Pole Xpert dance pole has been designed to handle all the pole tricks and moves of a professional pole dancer.

This model integrates all the features needed to meet the preferences of the world’s best pole dancers. This has a bottom loading feature which enables users to install the dance pole even without using a ladder.

With its unique and innovative adjuster system, the X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole expands upward and fully locks the pole in a secure position and still offers more than enough support to allow the pole dancer execute even her most complex pole trick. This model does not use any locking bolts so there are no moving parts that will come done after a rigorous use.

The X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole also has an integrated special adjuster cover. When this adjuster cover is in place, it offers a comprehensively smooth dance pole from top to bottom creating a safe environment for the dancer and avoid sharp pole edges or a protruding screw adjuster that may scrape the legs or arms.

This special feature makes sure that a pole dancer will have the smoothes pole to execute her pole dancing moves. The X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole also comes with a Micro Base to ensure minimum contact. Want a thinner pole? Check out our review of the X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole.

Every X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole dance pole kit is inclusive of two main poles (main pole A and main pole B) with integrated adjuster system, two different sized extensions (one 125 mm and one 250 mm), three X joints (one 180 mm and two 200 mm), upper support dome, two pieces carry cases, articulating base, 2 pieces hex keys (4mm and 5mm), and a complete full detailed instructional manual.

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What Is Its features?

  • Static or spinning
  • High quality!
  • Chrome finish
  • 50mm
  • For the professional dancer

What We Like

One of the major advantages of X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole is its portability. You can easily install and uninstall this dance pole should you decide to put it in other location. This also comes in 50 mm chrome pole which is usually the standard size and type of material used in dance studios and gyms.

The chrome finish allows pole dancer to easily climb up or slide down and perform complex tricks. The 50 mm size also allows for a better grip which is a good option for beginners who are yet to practice the strength of their grips.

What We Don’t Like

The only downside of X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole is its ceiling joints. Some users complain that the pole they bought have ceiling joints that are not as close together as possible. This is not a major drawback because this is just an isolated incident and the pole can still function properly.

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If you are looking for a well built professional dance pole, the X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole is certainly the best choice. It comes packed with innovative features made from durable materials making it a good deal for the money.

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