X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole Review

Just like the 50 mm version of Xpole Xpert, the X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole also come with bottom loading features and dual mode, the spinning and static mode.

What Is It?

X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole integrated all new design enables users to use the pole’s spinning mode or lock it up to use the pole in static mode. No other dance pole offer dual modes at an affordable price. With its versatile features, the X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole is definitely a good deal for the money.

The X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole has a durable design that allows it to handle all the pole tricks and moves. The integrated dual mode makes this a very versatile dance pole ideal both for beginners and expert pole dancers.

In addition to its static and spinning mode, the X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole also has a bottom loading feature which enables users to install the dance pole without the need to use a ladder. With its innovative adjuster system, the 45 mm X-Pole Xpert dance pole expands upward and fully locks the pole in a secure position and still offers more than enough support.

This model does not use any locking bolts so there are no moving parts that will come undone after a rigorous use.

The X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole also comes with a special adjuster cover. When this adjuster cover is in place, it offers a comprehensively smooth dance pole from top to bottom creating a safe environment for the dancer and avoid sharp pole edges or a protruding screw adjuster that may scrape the legs or arms. The Micro Base is also an additional feature that ensures minimum contact. Want a thicker pole? Check out our review of the X-Pole Xpert 50mm.

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What Is Its features?

  • High quality!
  • Bottom loading
  • For stationary or spinning dance poles
  • Works for professional dancers

What We Like

Among the dual mode dance poles in the market today, the X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole offers more portable features. The 45 mm diameter size is just perfect for women with small hands.

The chrome finish enables users to easily climb up or slide down and execute complex tricks with ease. The dance pole can also be easily installed or uninstalled because it comes in two different parts and can be set up with or without screws.

What We Don’t Like

The X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole may have excellent features but some users find it quite unstable for its size. But if you doubt whether it will hold your weight or not, you can choose to use the screws to bolt it in for a more secure and stable hold.

Most are satisfied with the way this pole performs although some says that the 45 mm size is too small for them. You buy the 50 mm Xpert pole if you want a bigger pole.

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X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole is a portable pole in 45mm or 50mm size with built-in LED lights with good quality for a good price.

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