Why Girls Pole Dancing Is Popular

Why Girls Pole Dancing Is PopularPole dancing before has always been associated with an erotic act usually performed in nightclubs and other related private events. However, this erotic dancing style has evolved into a mainstream hobby and girls today are now attracted to this for fitness purposes.

Girls pole dancing is a great form of exercise. For an ideal fitness program minus the backbreaking routine of running endlessly on top of a treadmill or lifting weight, using pole dancing routines as part of your regular exercise workout is definitely beneficial.

This helps your body burn calories faster and you don’t have to attend a gym class to have an exercise if you have a dancing pole at home. Simple pole dancing activities, such as spinning, climbing, twisting up and down the pole and other pole dancing routines are enough to burn unwanted fats in your body.

But there are other reasons why girls pole dancing has become very popular. Pole dancing has also become part of an enjoyable party like bachelorette parties, debut, and other girl ideas of having fun.

More often than not, girls learn pole dancing so they can perform in front of their friends. This is certainly a priceless entertainment because not only were you able to show what you can do in the pole but you also give your friends a preview of what it’s like dancing in the pole.

However, planning a girls pole dancing party certainly involves a lot of things. But always remember that the experience will be worthwhile because your friends will definitely have the best of time and you can even encourage some of them to try some basic moves.

What you need and what to prepare

Among the things you need to have is a dance pole and there are lots of stores, both online and offline, that offers a  wide variety of dancing poles for you to choose from.

You must consider the actual height of the room where you are planning to put it as well as the size of the pole to make sure it will be comfortable for you.

Sometimes, the pole size makes a lot of difference but to make it simple, you can go for a 50 mm dancing pole which is the same size used by professional dance studios.

During your girls pole dancing party, you can also invite a professional instructor to join your event. You can have a consultation prior to the pole dancing event so you will know what things can help spice up the party a bit.

Their experience in pole dancing can play a significant part in your pole dancing party and her presence can also add a bit of excitement because you can encourage her to give free basic lessons to other girls willing to try the pole.

Girls pole dancing is now becoming a mainstream hobby and as the number of people becoming interested in this continues to grow, it will not take long before pole dancing becomes one of the common activities for girls to get involved in.