What Is Pole Dancing?

What Is Pole Dancing?Depending on how you view it, pole dancing is simply an empowering and liberating dancing technique that has a lot of uses. From exotic dance performance, pole dancing can also be used as a workout training exercise for strengthening and toning your body and at the same time, building your self confidence.

If you ask what is pole dancing, you might be interested in learning some if not all the popular pole dance moves. With this, you will definitely discover all the grace and needed ability typically required to execute these moves.

Most of the dancing pole methods are based on gymnastics and ballet but there are also some routines that are based in modern dance moves.


Pole dancing equipment

Before you learn what is pole dancing, you must first know the equipment you need.

First of all, you will need a dance pole and a set of pole dancing clothes. When you choose a pole dancing clothe, make sure that it is comfortable with your naked arms and legs. Short shorts are recommended and a stretchable tank top but this can be modified if you are planning to perform in an event.

Pole dancing moves

Professional pole dancers can easily execute complex pole dancing moves using sexy high heels but for beginners, it is recommended to use light trainers. Choosing the right pole dancing song is also important because from it you will pattern your body rhythm while you perform your pole dancing routine.

Pole dancing moves vary a lot but typically, it include static poses, climbs, spins, floor work, and body inverts among others. A pole dancer can add some improvised pole dancing floor work as a sort of erotic filler to create a smooth transition between pole dancing routines. An impromptu floor work is also used by pole dancers to catch their breath before completing a particular routine.

And while you are trying to master the art of pole dancing, you will discover that there are different styles of pole dancing which you can experiment and add to your routine as you progress from basic to advanced dance pole techniques. Among the popular pole dancing moves include pivots, floor work, slides, spins, and The Fireman.

Common pole dancing routines include climbing techniques like straight climb and easy pole climb while a more complex move will include an upright V, double tap, or a combination of both.

Each method has a number of variations but mostly, a pole dancer can input some of her signature moves to make the pole dancing routine unique. For example, the spin technique has over twenty variations from angel spin to ankle spin or corkscrew, backward hook, and Venus spin among others.

Pole dance moves may also range from ankle hook to back bend and body wave, etc. However, beginners are required to learn all the basic moves before making an improvisation to avoid injuries.

This is definitely more than just an erotic and seductive dance because dancing around the pole is more like executing smooth and perfect gymnastic moves as it is a presentation of the performer’s flexibility.

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