Removable Dance Poles

Removable Dance Poles

Removable Dance PolesWhen looking for dance poles to buy, among the factors being considered is whether to go for a fixed pole or go removable dance poles. Removable dance poles are an excellent choice especially for those who plan to bring use dance pole anywhere in their home.

Most removable dancing poles use tension and great amount of pressure to secure the pole in place

The main advantage of removable dance poles is that you can easily relocate it from one room to another and you do not need to use screws that may ruin the finish of your ceiling. Alternatively, a fixed dance pole have a more permanent and secure construction support because it is fully propped up by brackets and permanently screwed on the floor and on the ceiling.

Choosing Between Fixed And Removable Dance Pole

It is vital that dance poles must be well supported and do not move when you are using it. Although you are opting for a removable dance pole, there are removable dance pole models that can still provide the right stability that can support your weight.

Most removable dancing poles use tension and great amount of pressure to secure the pole in place. And because removable poles do not use brackets to put it in place, you can virtually install it anywhere in the house where you want to. This is definitely a very practical option if you are planning to practice your dance moves somewhere else and perform in another.

However, when installing a removable dancing pole, you have to ensure that you have a secure beam above the area where you are planning to install the dance pole. Otherwise, it will not be possible to provide enough tension. In addition, the pressure from the pole can also damage the ceiling especially when it is made only from light materials.

Types Of Removable Dancing Poles

There are lots of removable dance poles in the market and your option will have to depend on your personal preferences. For novice pole dancers, there are dance poles designed for beginners that are much more affordable and offers the same stability like any other dance poles available in the market.

Sizes may also vary although typical dance pole sizes range between 45 mm and 50 mm respectively. On the other hand, there are also removable dance poles that are much smaller than 45 mm which is a preferable option for those with smaller grips.

It must be noted that unless you are light weight, it is actually not safe to buy dance poles that are below 45 mm in size especially when it is removable. There are manufacturers that offer custom built dance poles made from highly toughened industrial grade steel but this can be more expensive than bigger 50 mm poles.

Most dance studios use 50 mm dance poles and this is actually a better option since it will enable for an easier grip both on the hands and feet. If you are planning to buy removable dance poles, buying a thicker model is a better option because it can provide better stability and balance even without screwed brackets to support it.