Pole Fitness Exercise

Pole FitnessPole dancing is fast becoming a popular hobby and some are even using it as part of their fitness regimen. There are lots of dancing pole fitness exercise programs that are aimed for losing weight and toning body shapes.

Today, dance pole are not only seen at dance studios because there are now fitness gyms that offer pole dancing as part of their fitness class. Pole dancing instructors aim to help fitness students lose weight easily using the sensual and erotic moves of pole dancing.

Get fit – lose weight

Most of the pole fitness moves are centered on working the legs and abdomen. The constant swinging and sliding movement can strengthen the arms and tone the legs a lot quicker than other fitness exercise programs.

In addition, you also burn a lot of calories just like with other fitness exercises. In some instances, there are classes that are taught to women audience who are not only interested in becoming physically fit but also to gain a new set of skills as well.

These classes will vary in duration and it can be as long as an hour or two or as short as 30 to 45 minutes per day. However, these classes will definitely charge a bit higher rate compared to standard gym pole fitness program.

Pole dancing has become a very healthy option for those who want keep their body fit using this unusual medium of exercise. This is one of the reasons why pole dancing is also referred to as pole fitness.

This is a very physically demanding fitness routine because aside from learning the basic moves, you also have to master other advanced pole dancing routines as your fitness program progresses.

When pole dancing is performed, a combination of interval and muscle endurance training is demonstrated which makes it a very effective work out method for keeping your body fit.

Depending on your program, pole fitness exercise is also a great way to perform cardio vascular exercises as well as muscle toning while using the core muscles all throughout the exercise program.

Using methods that root from gymnastics, ballet, and contemporary dance, pole fitness has become a fusion of all three ideas and evolved into a single and effective independent fitness concept.

What is expected of you?

This sport requires extreme flexibility on the part of the dancer and you can expect rigid stretching exercise prior to commencing to the first stage of pole dancing.

Most part of the first session is spent on stretching because this will help dancers achieve all the tricks and moves associated with pole dancing.

Most of the time, people planning to join a pole fitness class are surprises to learn how demanding and rigorous this can be.

This is definitely an intense training exercise but the fact that pole dancing is much fun makes it a popular choice among people who easily get bored with traditional workout exercise programs.

So if you want to achieve the highest level of accomplishment in pole dancing and enjoy the benefits of pole fitness programs, you must have the commitment and perseverance before and after your training.

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