Pole Dancing Moves

Pole Dancing MovesPole dancing moves vary a lot from intermediate to beginners, advanced, and complex dance moves among others. This includes spins, body inverts, floor work, climbs, and others.

Pole dancing routines usually vary because some dancers may use basic moves but input a number of improvisations to make it look like a novice dance move. Some even improvise their floor work and make it appear like a sexy filler for a smooth transition between moves.

More than a set of gymnastic moves, pole dancing is more about presentation and while you are improving your pole dancing moves, you will discover that there are lots of pole dancing styles you can experiment and add into your routine to create a set of unique and signature moves that can only be associated with you.

Find instructions

If you know some of the basic pole dancing moves, you can choose to learn some of the complex routines through pole dancing videos from online resources and e-books. This will help you save a lot of money from professional trainers fee because most of the online tutorials offer the same set of instructions that are easy to follow and execute.

Online video courses offer excellent instructions on the correct technique for each pole dancing move to ensure safety and no injuries will occur. For example, performing climbing moves can be quite dangerous if you are not properly executing it. But with the help of a step by step video instruction, you can have a more comfortable and safe way of executing your pole dancing moves.

Popular pole dancing moves

Among the popular pole dancing moves for beginners include pivots, slides, spins, floor work, and the fireman. A combination of dance moves may include a series of climbs (easy pole climb and straight climb) or complex moves like upright V and double tap.

Other dance moves may include back bend, booty pop, body wave, ankle hook, and crab. You can also use a combination of knee hook or ballerina, hip rolls, floor figurehead, pirouette, step turn, leg work, squatting thrust and show girl pose.

Most of these pole dancing moves become complex when combined with other advanced moves or some of the basic and intermediate routine.

There are simply a lot of variations especially when it comes to spins that range from corkscrew or ankle spin, hurkey pinwheel ankle also known as attitude heel spin, backward hook, backward stag, pinwheel knee, and basic cradle  or Venus spin. Other set of spin moves in pole dancing include jump tuck, the Hollywood, knee spin, toe spin, forward hook, reverse, and side spin or side princess.


The moves and styles of pole dancing will never remain the same because every time a new pole dancer masters the artistic execution of all these basic and advanced pole dancing routines, they usually create their own signature moves by combining or improvising an existing pole dancing routine to create an entirely new move and style. But for beginners, some of these basic moves will provide a great help in achieving the impossible in pole dancing.