Pink Secret Dancer Pole With DVD & Music Instructions Review

Pink Secret Dancer Pole comes with a full instruction manual, a DVD, and pole dancing music.

What Is It?

Pink Secret Dancer Pole comes with a full instruction manual, a DVD, and pole dancing music.

This is one of the must have pole dancing kits for those who love to have their own dance pole in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

The bonus DVD offers valuable help on how to lap dance as well as some cool and groovy pole dancing music.

Pink Secret Dancer Pole is made up of two industrial grade steels that are screwed together for added support and balance. This model comes with a ceiling cap that serves as a protection for the ceiling as well as provides a stronger and sturdier support to the pole.

The new and improved ceiling cap is made up of non – skid material that offers a more secure hold and can be set up with or without screws. And more than one dancer will be using the pole, using the included screws is highly recommended for added security.

Setting up the dance pole is also very easy and its sturdy build enables pole dancers to execute their exotic moves without worrying about any injuries. The Pink Secret Dancer Pole is suitable for homes with ceiling height of seven to nine feet.

The overall pole circumference is around six and a half inches with a minimum pole height range of seven feet and maximum pole height range of nine feet.

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What Is Its features?

  • Made of 2 strong pieces of steel that screw together
  • Ceiling cap to protect ceiling and give the pole more sturdiness
  • For use on ceilings ranging from 7 feet to 9 feet in height
  • Bonus DVD CD to teach you how to lap dance including the music

What We Like

One of the main advantages of Pink Secret Dancer Pole is that you can move it anywhere in the room where you plan to perform pole dancing. This is because the non – slip ceiling cap can be used with or without screws.

You can install this permanently in your bedroom but you can also remove it so you can transfer it to your living room when entertaining some friends. And aside from the quality of the materials, this also comes with a bonus Secret Dancer DVD and a music CD. The DVD serves as a video tutorial that provides various instructions on how to effectively use the dance pole as well as a number of foreplay tips and an integrated on screen sexual encyclopedia.

The Pink Secret Dancer Pole kit offers a good way to have an excellent workout as well as learning some new and fancy sexy moves resulting to a more confident you.

What We Don’t Like

The only drawback of Pink Secret Dancer Pole is its appearance. Although this model comes in pink color, you may want to consider some improvement on your location where you are planning to install the dance pole.

When standing, the pole looks like any ordinary pole and to add a sense of excitement and intimacy, additional accessories may be needed.

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Pink Secret Dancer Pole is pretty good deal at an affordable price of around $89.00. This is good option for beginners who may want to practice their pole dancing moves at home without having to pay too much for the product.

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