Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit Review

Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit ReviewThe Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit is one of the newest additions to Peekaboo’s pole dancing kits known for its high quality finish and affordable price.

In essence, the Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit is the cheapest dancing pole in the market without sacrificing the overall quality of the product.  

What Is It?

Dance Pole Features

  • Assembles in under 60-seconds
  • Unique spring-loaded system means no ceiling fixings needed (no screws, no nails, no fuss)
  • Completely portable
  • Dance Guide with 11 Peekaboo Dance Moves
  • Instructional DVD with Bonus Moves

Peekaboo is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality dancing poles. Among their successful pole dancing kits include the Carmen Electra Spinning Pole and Hustler Stripper Pole Kit. Now, Peekaboo offers a new model for its growing line of pole dancing kits.

Of all the pole dancing kits in the market today that has easy to install features, the Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit is the only that you can actually assemble in less than two minutes.

With its spring loaded system, you can actually make it stand securely even without fixing it on your ceiling or floor. The dance pole kit can be installed even without using screws or nails because the full pressure spring loaded action allows it to stay in place even if you execute a variety of spins and inverts on it.

And because this model is completely portable, you can easily bring it anywhere you like. The Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit also comes complete with instructional DVD which you can use to learn some new pole dancing moves and a complete Dance Guide with up to eleven exclusive Peekaboo dance moves.

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What We Like

First of all, the affordable price of Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit is one of its major appeals. In addition to that, this is also very sturdy with high quality industrial grade steel tubes that offer a secure and safe pole dancing experience both for beginners and advanced users.

This is also a great option for those who live in an apartment because they can easily take it down when they are planning to move. And because you can set this up even without using screws, it means that you can maintain the aesthetics of your ceiling without damaging it.

The spring loaded action of this dance pole kit makes sure that the pole will stay in place regardless of how you execute your spins, inverts, and climbing moves. The pole diameter is also perfect enough for women to grab on without losing grip.

What We Don’t Like

The Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit comes in three jointed sections and some users complain that it is not robust enough to handle complex twists, spins, and body inverts.

However, there are no major reports about users getting an accident by using this pole and as long as you securely fasten all parts and follow its instructional guide to the letter, the dance pole will do just fine and you can be able to execute even your most complex moves.



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Dance Pole Rating: 2 Stars

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Dance Pole Rating: 2 Stars

The Peekaboo Party Home Pole Dancing Kit makes a perfect pole dancing beginner’s kit. This is also very affordable and worth the money you will be paying for it.

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