Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole Review

If you want a portable dance pole with all the features and quality of a standard pole, the Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole is your perfect choice.

What Is It?

Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole is highly portable which you can bring anywhere the party is or set it up anywhere in your house. You can now perform your trickiest pole dancing moves in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

With the Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole, you have the ability to bring the element of erotic desire anywhere you want to using a tough, durable dance pole that can help you keep fit and entertain your partner all at the same time.

Pole dancing has become a popular workout method in the fitness world these days. Having an intense workout using the pole can burn calories by doing aerobic exercises.

With that in mind, the Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole has been designed with professional pole dancers in mind. This is one of the sturdiest portable dance poles in the market that can handle all types of pole dance moves and tricks. Even professional pole dancers will find this dance pole extremely functional.

The Bada Bing X-treme can be easily installed anywhere without using any hardware or tools. You can keep your ceiling intact because this dance pole model can be attached to it without even drilling any holes. Because of this easy attachment feature, you can easily transport it anywhere you want to.

The Bada Bing X-treme is composed of three solid industrial grade tubular steels with chrome finish for easy slides and climbs without losing your grip.

It can be adjusted for ceilings with 7′ 3″ to 8’6″ in height and it has an overall pole circumference of 6.5″. This also comes with a ceiling cap which helps protect your ceiling from markings once you remove the dance pole. The ceiling cap is made up of high quality non – skid material that provides a more stable hold and allows the pole to be installed without using any screw.

What Is Its features?

  • Adjusts from 7’4″ to 9′ ceiling height
  • Chrome finish pole
  • Designed for most maneuvers when installed properly
  • Quick and easy installation with no tools
  • Rubber rings to protect floor and ceiling

What We Like

One of the major advantages of Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole is its easy to install features. Setting up the dance pole is very easy and its robust build allows users to carry out their pole dancing moves and tricks without worrying about any injuries. And because this can be set up without using screws or drilling holes in your ceiling, you can always transport this anywhere you want to.

What We Don’t Like

This model is for single use only. If you are planning to perform with more than one partner, make sure to bolt it in place to prevent the pole from being dismantled.

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When it comes to portability and durability, the Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole is certainly one of the best and most affordable options in the market. Its extreme functionality makes it the choice of professional pole dancers on the go who have clients in different places they must entertain.

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