Male Pole Dancing

Male Pole Dancing

Male Pole DancingAlthough pole dancing is usually reserved for exotic and sexy female dancers, more and more men are now starting to embrace the art of pole dancing. In mainstream society, pole dancing is more of an effective alternative workout exercise for keeping one’s body physically fit. The complex series of spins, arches, flips, and twists using arms, abs core muscles, and the upper body strength is more like having a full workout training program in the gyms and sometimes more.

There are tons of pole dancing moves to prevent a male pole dancer’s style from appearing too feminine

Pole Dancing Moves For Men

Pole dancing moves vary a lot from intermediate to beginners, advanced, and complex dance moves among others. However, additional variations are included when the dancer is a male. Basic pole dancing moves for men are almost similar to women pole dancing that range from spins to body inverts, climbs, and a combination of various floor works. Pole dancing routines for men may also vary since some male dancers often use basic moves but combine it with a series of complex improvisations to make it look like a novice but complicated pole dancing move.

Some male dancers may include floor work and body invert improvisation to make it appear more than just a smooth transition between their set of dance moves. Much like with female pole dancing, male pole dancing is also more about presentation of complex and often dangerous gymnastic moves. There are actually tons of pole dancing moves, variations, and pole work combinations that can be integrated by a male pole dancer to prevent his style from appearing too feminine. Experimenting with pole dancing moves variations and creating unique routines are among the things male pole dancers can infuse in their art so they can create signature moves not totally associated with female pole dancing.

Basic Pole Dancing Moves For Men

Beginning male pole dancers can start with basic pole dancing moves like slides, spins, pivots, and floor work for smooth transition. Once these basic moves are mastered, male pole dancers can execute a combination of semi complex moves that include a succession of pole climbing like straight climb and easy pole climb with complex dance moves like a double tap or an upright V. Male pole dancers can also create a variety of combinations of back bend, ankle hook, pirouette, body wave, knee hook, floor figurehead and crab. Sexy feminine dance moves like booty pop, sexy girl pose and body wave can be avoided if the male pole dancer wants to execute full masculine moves although squat thrust can be infused depending on the personal preference of the male pole dancer.

Male Pole Dancing Exercise

Male pole dancing does not necessarily be reserved for entertainment only. Pole dancing offers a lot of benefits and it is a good strength training option for men especially those who do not like lifting heavy weights. Various combination of pole dancing moves center on the arms, legs, and abs. Frequent practice makes these body parts strong especially your core muscles and the good news is you do not have to lift weights just so you can train your body strength.