Pole Dancing Videos –
Learn Pole Dancing At Home

Pole Dancing VideoLearning pole dancing is fun and it is also a healthy & sexy exercise for anyone who wants to maintain a fit and well toned body.

The good thing about pole dancing is that you can enjoy it in the comfort and privacy of your home.

For beginners, learning the basics of pole dancing is possible with the help of pole dancing videos from online video hosting websites like YouTube.

Popular online tutorials like Tara Katarina, known also as the vertical ballerina, are making waves in the pole dancing online community.

There is a collection of pole dancing video from this channel which helps people interested in pole dancing to learn it in the comfort of their own home.

One of the advantages of using online video resources like YouTube is that there is a wide array of pole dancing videos collections that enable pole dancing aficionados to learn about warming up to cooling down.

There are also a wide variety of incredible moves, strength training, and transitions among others. This is certainly a lot cheaper than a membership on your local gym or dance studio and you also get unlimited access to a wide array of various pole dancing lessons which you can watch in full screen mode.

Another popular channel in YouTube is MissDirdyBirdy. This channel offers a wide collection of pole dancing routines from intermediate pole moves to intermediate pole routines, beginner pole dancing routines, and beginner pole dancing moves.

Most of the pole dancing videos collections from this channel is aimed for beginners although the channel owner assures its subscribers that advanced pole dancing video lessons will be added in the future.

Since there are endless variations of pole dancing moves and pole dancing routines, some of the videos here are named according to what suit best.

There are lots of videos to watch and it can certainly help beginners to learn some of the most basic moves from angel spin to climbing up the pole using ankles and a whole number of fireman variations to a standing spin among others.

Watching pole dancing videos online will certainly help you learn some of the intermediate moves that will keep you inspired in your goals. But all these will be nothing if you do not have your own dancing pole at home.

Watching these videos and trying them on your local dance studio will be quite difficult because you have to try them right after watching them. Your body will get the needed practice especially when you are watching and trying the moves at the same time.

This is one of the advantages of having your own dancing pole at home because you can always try new moves and routines anytime you like even without a personal pole dancing coach.

There are lots of online video resources about pole dancing but YouTube has the most comprehensive collections from various contributors. Once you find a channel with a comprehensive video tutorial playlist, you are ready to slide up and down that pole.

See some of the hottest pole dancing videos in our video section.