Jenyne Butterfly – The American Pole Dancing Goddess

Jenyne Butterfly

Jenyne Butterfly is a fantastic and incredibly beautiful pole dancer who lives and performs in Las Vegas. Jenyne has won numerous competitions (reigning U.S. Pole Dancing Champion) worldwide and she is a huge inspiration for thousands of amateur and professional pole dancers all around the world. She also teaches workshops internationally and is a huge profile in the pole dancing community.

Jenyne Butterfly is considered a pole dancing goddess

Jenyne Butterfly is one of the most popular names in the pole dancing industry. She was the first to win the US Pole Dance Federation (USPDF) Championship held on March 19, 2009 and later on became one of the most famous and sought after aerialist and pole dancer. She now lives in Las Vegas and has several performances there and teaches pole dancing workshops in the international level. Butterfly is also considered as a pole dancing goddess having won a lot of pole dancing titles over the past years and several championships to add to her accomplishments.

Video Tutorials And Live Performances by
Jenyne Butterfly

At present, there are plenty of video clips centered on her live performances that circulate the web with her signature moves and stilettos. Jenyne Butterfly teaches interested individuals the tricks of pole dancing. From her videos alone, you can be able to learn all the basic moves as well as other complex routines you only watch from other non professional dancers online or read from e-books about online pole dancing tutorials. The presence of Jenyne Butterfly’s pole dancing videos will definitely save you a lot of money on payment for professional trainers’ fee. Most of her pole dancing videos offers comprehensive instructions that are not only easy to follow but to execute as well.

Learn From Her Videos

Jenyne Butterfly video clips will allow you to have a sneak preview on the correct technique for every dance move to ensure safety and no injuries will occur. For instance, executing climbing moves is very dangerous especially when you are not doing it properly. But Butterfly does it easily and you also do it even without the help of a step by step video instruction. When you learn from the expert, you can have a more comfortable and safe way of executing even your most complex pole dancing moves.

Majority of the pole dancing moves showed by Jenyne Butterfly become complicated when she combine it with other more advanced pole dancing moves especially those from her live performances. However, there are some basic and intermediate routines that Butterfly uses during the intro of her pole dancing performance and novice pole dancers can benefit from this as well.

Pole dancing moves has a lot of variations but Jenyne Butterfly puts something new to it to make it look better. For example, spin variations range from ankle spin also known as corkscrew to attitude heel spin or hurkey pinwheel ankle. Other spinning variations include the Hollywood, backward hook, backward stag, pinwheel knee, and basic cradle or Venus spin, knee spin, toe spin, side spin or side princess, forward hook, jump tuck, and reverse among others.

Always evolving

Jenyne Butterfly’s moves and pole dancing styles will never remain the same because her artistic execution of all these intermediate and advanced pole dancing moves is flawlessly natural. In addition, she usually creates her own signature moves by fusing an existing pole dancing routine and including her own improvisations to create an entirely new dance move and style that can only be attributed to her.

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