International Pole Championship 2012

International Pole Championship 2012The Grand Finals for this year’s International Pole Championship will be held in Hong Kong on March 15 2012. The location will be HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre in Academy of Performing Arts.

There will be 4 divisions with 6 competitors in each division:

  • Women: 6
  • Men: 6
  • Doubles: 6
  • Disabled: 3

There are two types of categories to compete in:

  • Ultimate Champion: Mens, Womens, Doubles, Disabled
  • Pole Art Champion: Mens, Womens
  • Pole Fit Champion: Mens, Womens

In addition to giving titles to winners in each divison, there will also be awards given out:

  • IPDFA Pole Industry Award
  • IPDFA Studio Of The Year
  • IPDFA Instructor Of The Year
  • IPDFA Choreographer Of The Year

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