How To Pole Dance

How To Pole Dance

How To Pole DanceWith the growing popularity of pole dancing, there are lots of gym classes that are now offering lessons on how to pole dance. From America to Australia, United Kingdom, and some parts of Asia, pole dancing classes are fast becoming the first option especially those who are into fitness programs.

Bare skin will enable you to have a better grip on the dance pole

Whether you are on your high heels or wearing your dowdiest shirt as long as you have a dancing pole, you can definitely enjoy the fun and excitement of pole dancing. From the most basic wrap around move to the most complicated pole dancing move, there are lots of reasons why pole dancing offers a lot of fun and health benefits at the same time.

Pole dancing is one of the most beautifully progressive forms of exercise because of its diverse moves that even novice pole dancers can easily master. There are also some very demanding and highly complex poses that can challenge even the most experienced dancers.

However, just like with everything else, learning how to pole dance requires some key steps to follow. This will ensure the proper implementation of pole dancing moves and how to execute them without risking injuries.

Start The First Step On How To Pole Dance

To start learning how to pole dance, you must first have a dancing pole. If you do not own one, you can buy a dance pole online. Most fitness centers today offer pole dancing lessons because this is a new and creative way of getting fit. You can either rent it from them or enroll in one of their classes or you can opt to buy your own dancing pole.

Having your own dancing pole will make it a lot easier because you can always practice your moves at home anytime. There are lots of dancing poles for sale and you can even choose some better options online from internet based dealers. There are two types of dancing poles and you can choose whether to opt for a fixed dancing pole or a detachable one.

Choose Your Clothes

Once you have your dancing pole, you have to make sure you wear comfortable clothes that allow you to expose your legs and arms without being lewd. Although pole dancing is often associated with sexiness, it is actually optional. The reason why bare arms and legs are required is because your skin will enable you to have a better grip on the dance pole. Having a better grip means being able to execute your moves safely. For novice pole dancers, going barefoot is recommended while practicing because it allows for getter foot grips.

Basic Pole Dancing Moves

For beginners, mastering how to grab the pole is important. First begin at the back of the pole while your inside is positioned near the dancing pole’s base. Always use your strong hand when grabbing the pole and position it above your head height. Straighten your arm so your weight hangs away from the pole. Keep on practicing this move until you master it before proceeding to the next basic step. Other basic moves you have to practice is the step around, leg hook, and body arch.

Get inspired by world class pole dancing videos.

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