How To Choose Pole Dancing Outfit

Pole dancing has evolved from a seductive private performance to a more mainstream function and depending on the type of pole dancing you are into; it is important to choose the right pole dancing outfit.

There are lots of pole dancing outfits out there from simple spandex to two piece bikinis, sexy high heels, stilettos, mittens, and a whole lot more. The venue of pole dancing will also dictate the right pole dancing outfit to wear.

For example, if you are attending a pole fitness class, you must wear clothing that is appropriate for that environment. If you have a vertical dance partner, a different set of pole dancing clothing must be worn.

Professional pole dancing instructors recommend using some foot undies which is more like a mitten when doing your pole dancing fitness routine with or without a vertical dance partner.

Foot undies enable pole dancers to beautifully pivot and have a more graceful movement due to the padded underside. For beginners, it is also recommended to wear Capris or pants.

From pilates’ pants to yoga pants or anything that is used as workout pants will be great. Short shorts made of cotton are also a good choice because bare legs enable stronger grips when performing pole climbing routines.

Compared to long sleeves and or t-shirts, tank tops are always preferable because in pole dancing, you will be using your skin to grab the dancing pole and use the pole to execute your routines.

For advanced pole dancers who are inclined to get into seductive pole dancing performance, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to pole dancing outfit.

From fur skirt set inclusive of striped mini skirt and faux fur triangle top to leopard Mohawk set,  you can let your imagination decide what to wear as long as you are comfortable with it.

You can also choose to wear leather two piece set if you want to impose a more gothic sexy look. For shoes, there are lots of pole dancing shoes to choose from 5-inch studded high heels to six inches studded sandals, heel pumps, platform metal heel slip on, clear sandals with ankle strap, lace up bootie sandals, chain sandals with six inch heels, and a whole lot more.

If you are in doubt as to the proper pole dancing outfit you need to wear, you can visit some of the online stores that specialize in pole dancing clothes and accessories.

From hand grips to boots, sandals, tops, pants, and a whole range of pole dancing accessories, you can find whatever you like that suits best your preferences.

Pole dancing is a popular past time for some while others do it on a more professional level.

Having the right outfit for your pole dancing either for a fitness class or a routine performance in front of your friends will make a big difference in the execution of your pole dancing moves.

Choosing the right one will not be difficult especially if you have tons of choices.

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