Facts About Pole Dancing Workout You Need To Know About

Facts About Pole Dancing Workout You Need To Know AboutStaying fit and healthy is one of the top priorities of people looking to live a much healthier lifestyle, in order to counter diseases related to one’s way of living. Staying in shape can help you combat common illnesses by taking part in a pole dancing workout program.

There are different pole dancing exercise programs, which can work perfectly with your schedule and fitness requirements.

You might be surprised but it is a fact and a lot of people particularly women are getting into pole dancing fitness programs instead of enrolling in a regular gym class.

What you should know

Pole dancing is more than just a seductive dance. Although this is one of the many types of exotic and erotic dancing, this also a type of aerobic exercise that promotes balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength.

Most of the moves in pole dancing particularly advanced ones require a person to be in tip top shape. The risk for injuries is plenty because this is more like a combination of dancing and gymnastics performed in a dancing pole.

This is also one of the reasons why pole dancing instructors recommend interested individuals to attend at least a session of formal pole dancing class to learn the basics before doing it on your own.

Pole Dancing Today

Today, pole dancing has evolved into a more mainstream activity and has become part of workout sessions offered at dance studios and gym classes. Pole dancing workout programs are now offered as part of a regular training exercise but you can easily do this at home if you know some of the basic moves and you have a dancing pole at home.

Preparation for pole dancing workout

Before starting your pole dancing workout, make sure to perform some warm up exercises because this is an exhausting aerobic exercise and you need to limber up by doing body stretches to prevent straining your muscles.

Some of the pre – pole dancing workout exercises you can perform include upper body warm ups, knee lifts, swinging steps, and squats. To perform swinging steps, hold the pole with your hand and start walking around it.

Let your bodyweight suspend from the pole and do several repetitions before proceeding to another warm up exercise. To do upper body exercises, hook your leg around the dancing pole and let your right hand hold it while bending your upper body from the waist and gradually arch it back.

A basic dancing pole workout which you can include in your main routine is the wrap around. Start by standing in front of the dancing pole and assume a slightly angled position.

Place your inside foot on the base of the dancing pole and grab it at head height with your stronger hand. Make sure that the hand that holds the pole as well as the inside of your foot is on the same side of your torso.

Slowly align your arm while you lean away from the dancing pole. You can add several variations to this move and make it more complicated as your dancing pole workout progresses.

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