Choosing The Suitable Pole Dancing Songs

Pole Dancing SongsIn pole dancing, choosing the right song can really make all the difference especially in achieving your desired moves.

Each pole dancer has her choice of pole dancing songs from hip hop to pop, rock, metal, mainstream alternative, and a whole lot more.

There are plenty of songs to choose from which you can enjoy pole dancing to and dancing to a song that is also your favorite certainly makes pole dancing more enjoyable and a fun experience.

However, not because a particular music is your favorite song does not mean it is also a good choice for your pole dancing. Although most pole dancing instructors encourage their students to explore a wide variety of music, there are common factors that are shared by danceable pole dancing songs.

For starters, a smooth tune with a deep and pumping bass line can help inspire pole dancers to do an equally smooth pivots and spins.

The rhythm of the music certainly plays a major part on the execution of the pole dance routine. Sometimes, you just can’t make a graceful back bend and body wave simply because the pole dancing songs you chose are not suitable for the dance moves you are planning to execute.

For doing impromptu dance moves on the floor around the pole, and appropriate pole dancing music is also needed so it can add to the gracefulness of the execution.

Chosing music genre

Another factor to consider when choosing pole dancing songs is the genre. Although majority of pole dancing moves can be performed regardless of the type of music, still the right genre will have a significant impact on the beauty of its execution.

For example, a slow paced angel spin will certainly not look good with a music background of a metal song. Although a slow rock can substantiate for the slow graceful move, a classical music can lend a more different effect on the angel spin move.

This means that depending on the pacing and rhythm of your pole dancing moves and your prepared routine, your music must be in similar tempo so you can deliver your message clearly. If your dance moves are made up with a set of sexy spins and pivots, a more intimate and provocative music will be appropriate.

To find the right pole dancing song, you may want to consider visiting some websites that offer a number of different playlist that can be used for pole dancing.

There are lots of websites with a complete database of pole dancing song playlist and this can help you choose the right music for your pole dancing.

Selections range from upbeat pop music to sensual RnB’s, slow rock, classical, alternative, and a whole lot more. To find out if a particular music from the playlist is suitable for your pole dancing moves, you can choose to preview the song and feel if it has a danceable impact on you.

Try to listen to the tempo and rhythm of the pole dancing songs and match it with your routine. If it matches, then you can try it in your dancing pole and see if it will serve its purpose as your music background.