Carmen Electra Spinning Dance Pole Review

Certainly the home stripper pole that is an excellent choice for beginners and professional pole dancers.

The Carmen Electra Spinning Dance Pole has an all new design incorporated in this model enables users to fully utilize the pole’s full spinning mode or lock it out to access the static mode.

No other dance pole offer dual modes at such an affordable price with versatile features that allows users to install it anywhere either in the bedroom, living room, or garage.

The Carmen Electra Dance Pole Kitcomes with an easy carry storage bag and an assembly guide and DVD. This can be set up in five minutes and it can fit on ceiling with heights between 7 feet 2 inches to 8 feet 6 inches.

The Spinning Carmen Electra-Pole also has a maximum weight capacity of up to 220 pounds but it can be used even with more than the weight capacity if the pole is to be screwed in the ceiling so it can have a more stable and secure hold.

The Carmen Electra 2011 version has two modes, the stationary mode and spinning mode. Beginners will have an excellent time learning new tricks and moves when the pole is on its stationary mode while more advanced pole dancers can execute their complex pole tricks using the spinning mode.

The dance pole kit comes with three slot together sections for easy assembly while making sure it has the right strength, stability, and smooth joints. This has been specially designed with extendable top and base section that provides more stability for pole dancing moves like spinning, flipping, and complex body inverts.

What Is Its features?

  • Spinning and stationary mode
  • 2011 model – New design for easier installation and use
  • Supports up to 220lbs and fully portable

What We Like

Aside from versatility, the Spinning Carmen Electra-Pole 2011 version comes complete with accessories that enable users to make installation an easy job:

First of all, this comes with an extendable top section so it can be used on ceilings with heights that range between 7’2’’ to 8’6’’.

This also has a handy storage and carry bag for additional portability and there is no need to use special ceiling adapters during installation.
This means you can quickly set up the dance pole or take it down without having to worry about markings or any damages to your ceiling.

What you can notice about the Spinning Carmen Electra-Pole 2011version is the high quality chrome finish. With pole dancing, you need to have the smoothes surface without being too slippery so you can still maintain the strength of your grip. This is the biggest advantage of using a Carmen Electra Pole because you are guaranteed quality, versatility, and functional durability.

What We Don’t Like

The portable features of this dance pole can only support up 220 pounds. Although you have the option to screw it on the ceiling and the floor to support more than the maximum allowable weight, it will defeat the purpose of its portability.

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Carmen Electra Spinning Dance Pole version offers a good deal for the money and you can also bring it anywhere you want to due to its portable features.

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