AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit Review

Overall a great 45mm pole for the price. We haven’t found anything negative more than some reports of it being a bit difficult to mount and dismount.

What Is It?

AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit is a portable dance pole from AW with good quality and price balance. It has been on the market for about a year and the dance pole is already a best seller.

What Is Its features?

  • All Metal constructed. 45mm Pole as used by the professionals.
  • Finished in the ideal finish for pole – high grade electroplated chrome.
  • Extendable from 2175mm to 2745mm straight from the box.
  • Screw together tube high precision joints (almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability and smoothness.
  • Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling. Maximum load weight: 440lbs.

What We Like

It feels like a quality product and we do like the price. It’s not in the league to be used by full-time professionals but for home use it does the job more than enough.

What We Don’t Like

The installation isn’t a walk in the park and it might take up to a couple of hours. There have also been reports on being difficult to dismount from the ceiling. The installation DVD is very short and isn’t very helpful. It feels sturdy when in place but some people experience it too be a bit unsafe in spinning mode. If you want to be on the safe side, use the static mode.

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The AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit version offers a good deal for the money and you can also bring it anywhere you want to due to its portable features.

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